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Create dynamic QR codes

Create dynamic QR codes

Generate dynamic QR codes that can be adjusted to suit your ever-changing requirements

  • Adaptable Content: Modify the information encoded in your QR code to suit changing needs.
  • Make your code stand out by customizing it with your logo, brand colors, unique patterns, frames and more to captivate all viewers.
  • Display your QR Code on fliers, billboards, digital posters and more to make it easy for your audience to connect with you seamlessly.

Monitor and analyze performance

Discover what resonates and drives clicks with your audience.

  • Examine thorough scanning information in order to gain understanding of your audience's behavior and create wiser choices.
  • Compare the performance of QR codes so you can enhance your understanding and interact with your audience in a manner that appeals to them.
  • Collect detailed demographic insights through comprehensive location and device data.
Monitor and analyze performance
Tailor Your QR codes

Tailor Your QR codes

Take your link game to the next level with our feature-loaded QR code generator

  • Personalize your QR Code with UTM parameters
  • Keep your QR Code secure with password protection
  • Target with precision for iOS and Android
  • Craft custom QR codes design
  • Control content availability with link expiration dates, adding urgency, security, and exclusivity.

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Advanced Features, No Tech Skills Required!

  • Analytics & Tracking

    Monitor links performance to evaluate what's effective and what's not

  • Branded links

    Connect and manage unlimited branded and custom domains seamlessly reflecting your business identity

  • UTM builder

    Simplify campaign tracking with our user-friendly UTM builder, enabling you to effortlessly create precise parameters for effective analytics

  • Custom Social media Cards

    Craft personalized social media cards with the exact image, title, and description you want to share

  • Link expiration & Password

    Ensure security with link expiration and password protection features, giving you control over access and enhancing data privacy

  • OS trageting

    Target your audience precisely with IOS & Android-specific settings, ensuring your content reaches the right users on their preferred devices

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